Cousins and Reflections on My “Mundane”

Jennifer has been visiting this week…as usual, we had a lot of fun, but not as much as the kiddos!!!!  Despite some illnesses, they pretty much didn’t miss a beat, and enjoyed each other’s company immensely…oh yeah, except for that one bite mark on Norah’s arm…I’m not mentioning any names!!!:)

Whether Jennifer’s here, or it’s just a normal week when I’m at home with my own 2, I live in the mundane.  According to, “mundane” means “common or ordinary” (by the way, you can bet, that if I ever use a “smart” word, I visited before I posted it…I visit there almost as much as google!:)  My life is about as common and ordinary as it gets.  I wake up every morning and pretty much begin the same routine I completed the day before, and will start over again the next day.  We’re common folk around here.  I’m a wife and a mom…I change normal diapers, I read ordinary books, I cook VERY common meals, I do ordinary laundry…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc., etc.  For this reason, this quote makes MAJOR sense to me…

“And if God doesn’t rule your mundane, HE DOESN’T RULE YOU, because that’s where you live.”  -Paul David Tripp

You see, if you’re waiting on the next big thing, or Sunday morning, or 11th grade, or when you eventually get on the mission field, or your next career, or when you’re called into the ministry, etc., etc…if you’re waiting on these things to let the King of Kings rule in your life, then he doesn’t rule you at all.  He rules in our everyday, He reigns in our ordinary, He is glorified in the common tasks of changing diapers and wiping bottoms!!  What a great God we serve, especially in the midst of our ordinary service!!!


5 Responses to “Cousins and Reflections on My “Mundane””

  1. Jennifer G says:

    YAY for these! I guess you need to add them to the pics I need. How about make a folder called “Jennifer” and add these to it, along with November, Christmas and wasn’t there another one? Maybe not. But anyway, I expect all of these to be finished by the time I come for the newest cousin! So get on it! ;) Love you!

  2. molly says:

    these are cute! and that is one of my FAVORITE quotes… you know how i love to love the mundane! ;-)

  3. Bethany says:

    beautiful, just beautiful. thank you for loving Christ above all. thank you for sharing your love of life. you are such an encouragement.

  4. kelli says:

    Yes! The mundane can be fun too! Thanks for sharing…great reminder Erin!

  5. jennifer g says:

    I just remembered that I did not get these or the other pics from you! Can you seriously make a folder on your computer that says “Jennifer” so I can remember to get these and any others that would have J&E in them…looks like I was asking for Christmas, November and I guess Macey Jane pics…even though they weren’t there, I was. Ok. So please do that and I will get them from you next time I see you…which will hopefully be SOON! The van needs to go on a ROAD TRIP…and it called and told me that it wants to come to FLORENCE first! ;)

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